Moving to the Big Apple

Ever wondered what its like to pack everything you own into a car and move to a new city? Me too! Today is a very important day as it marks the beginning of a new chapter in my journey as an artist. Today I leave behind the Mason Dixon line and move to the city where it all happens to pursue my life long dream of being an actor in New York City. Look out New York- i'm coming your way and this time I got Broadway on my mind. First things first, moving takes downsizing. I have managed to fit all of my clothing into two suitcases, which I intend to shove into a car along with my bicycle, Kuerig, guitar, piano, and playstation. Everything else I need I'll handle when I arrive. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it because there will be a lot of snow on the ground when I arrive. But hey! Whats the beginning of an adventure without a little possible peril, right? More updates to come. Peace and love to you all!


What's Up 

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